We Can Personalize Caps With Embroidery or With A Press On Picture.  Personalized with embroidery is $20.00 and personalized with a press on is $15.00.  The press Ons will be all one color, dog text all one color.  Sides and backs embroidered are $10.00 per location.  Scroll down to see examples for embroidered caps.

We can personalize any of these caps.  Hover your mouse over the picture of the blank cap to get the number and description of the cap.  Scroll down for blank and scroll on down for examples for finished caps.  If there's not enough room on the form feel free to send a message with your payment or an email describing how you want the cap done.  If you want more than one cap, you will need to add to cart once for each cap.

Type of personalization
What You want on front of Cap
Number and description of cap
Personalized caps by the dozen.  You can scroll on down past the blank caps for examples and ideas of how the cap should look embroidered.
Type of personalization 12 caps
What You want on front of Cap
Number and description of cap

Caps can be done with text only.  We can put your business name, kennel name, dog's name even your own name, whatever you want on a cap.

 We can add text to these caps.  The dog treeing on the right and text on the left.

                       Text can be added to the caps with beagles or curs or feists or coonhounds at both the bottom or top.

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