We do custom embroidery on ball caps or jackets, or shirts or whatever we can get in our hoops.  We can embroider all kinds of things, just about anything.   Whenever someone asks us to embroider a certain picture, we do not know what is or is not a trademark or copyright infringement.   If a customer asks us to embroider something that is a copyright or trademark infringement, we would do it unknowingly.  We will Not be responsible or involved in lawsuits from copyright or trademark  infringements.  If a customer asks us to embroider it the customer is responsible to find out if it is an infringement and the customer is responsible for the consequences of a trademark or copyright infringement.
These pictures will only fit on bigger items like coat backs or sweatshirts and will not shrink small enough for a ball cap.
On this page we have pictures of dogs we can embroider on items.  Hover the mouse over the picture to get the picture number.
These pictures will fit on caps or any items