Most of the time lately Dan's has been having what I order in stock and ships next day, but sometimes it takes two weeks if they don't have the item in stock.  Please allow two weeks on Dan's products, especially during the fall, the fall is a very busy time of the year.  Dans Chaps are Made In USA. 
Dan's has been manufacturing snake protecton chaps for many years with excellent results, However Dan's or their dealers cannot assume liability from injury from the use of this product, as a protection from snakes.  The wearer must assume responsibility for any injury incurred while using this product.

Dan's High-n-Dry Chaps
These waterproof briar proof chaps from Dan's Hunting Gear come with a 24 inch side zipper for easy on and off, buckle fasteners for attaching to belt.

Dan's Brush Buster Chaps Tougher and longer lasting but also a little heavier and not as flexible.  The outer layer 1000 Denier Magnatuff is twice as thick and tough as Dan's lightweight briar chap with adjustable straps.
Dan's Snake Protector Chaps Made out of the same tough material as the Brush buster, but comes with triple layers to give extra protection from snakes.  Comes with adjustable straps.  Dan's cannot assume liability for injury resulting from the use of this product as protection from snakes.
Dan's Five Star Chaps  Here is some heavy duty protection when the last thing you want is soaked, scratched legs.  Whether you are hunting in the brambles, tall wet grass or swampland, or need protection from grease and dirty substances, these rugged chaps will keep you high and dry.  The nylon is the same material as the former Wicks Outdoor Works used.  They come standard with waterproof lining and double stitching at all seams, and are sewn and sealed to the boot of your choice.  A nylon strap with a plastic 3/4" buckle easily attaches to your belt.  (brown)
Dan's Boots with Chaps(Froglegs)  Chaps are both sewed on and glued to stop water leaks.
Dan's Frogleg Standard Sizes  Anything that deviates from standard sizes there is a $20.00 extra charge

Boot Size               5-7               8-11               12-13
Thigh size             25"                27"                  29"
Inseam Length    27"                29"                  29"

Other Sizes Available
Leg Inseam Length                   Leg Thickness
Short(27")                                    Small(25")
Medium (29")                              Medium(27")
Long(32")                                    Husky(29")