To order different chap options click on the arrow next to where it says Boot Only and follow the menu down to the kind of chap you want and click on the one you want.  Dan's has been manufacturing snake protecton chaps for many years with excellent results, However Dan's or their dealers cannot assume liability from injury from the use of this product, as a protection from snakes.  The wearer must assume responsibility for any injury incurred while using this product.
For a description of the different style chaps Dan's has for frogleg boots see page "About-Dan's-Chap-Options-For-Froglegs"

Dans Frogger Boot: Comfortable and durable, chemically resistant rubber, Extra thick 2 mil overlay with additional rubber underlays in high-puncture areas, gel-comfort insoles, X-treme traction tread.  16" boot.  100% waterproof, steel shank in outsole.  comfort range -20 F to 70 F.  Weight: 5.6#. Imported.

LaCrosse Non-Insulated Burly Grange Knee Boot, Green boot with ankle fit for better support.  They won't rub your heel or work your socks down. While these boots are slightly hard to get off and on, they're lightweight and very comfortable to wear.  Fiberglass shank for firm arch support.  Removable full-cushion insole.
Chap Style, Price, Non-Ins. Burly Grange Knee Boot
LaCrosse Non-Insulated Black Knee Boot, These boots do not have the ankle fit so they're very easy to get on and off.  We recommend the ankle fit boots for any one who can wear them because they won't rub your heel or wear your socks down, however these black boots are good for those who can't wear the ankle fit.  Rubber protective toe cap and shovel arch guard.  Fiberglass shank for firm arch support.  Comfortable removable full cushion insole.  Ribbed vamp for extra protection against snagging
Chap Style, Price, Non-Insulated Black Knee Boot Style
Muck Wetland Boots 
Seamless "quick clean" footbase overlay. Instep protector(rubber underlay) for added protection.
Added toe protection with a wrap-up toe bumper. MS-1 molded outsole is rugged, aggressive, and durable for maximum protection and stability.

Muck Wetland Style

Quatro BootsInsulated

Chap Quatro Boots insulated

Sometimes Dan's have boots in stock and sometimes they don't.  Please allow two weeks when ordering boots for Dan's to ship them.  If they have them in stock, they usually ship the next day.  If not they could take up to 2 weeks for them to ship boots.  Please be aware when ordering.

NEW: Dans Tree Frog Boots and Dans Tree Frog Plus boots;  they have an orange lining and a gel comfort insole.  They are waterproof, Comfortable, Durable, and have an X-treme Traction tread.  they have a steel shank in outsole plus extra insulation.  comfort range -40 F to 70 F.  Weighs 4.6 pounds.  Imported.  Boots Only.  No chaps.

Boot Type
Size Dans tree frog and tree frog Plus boots
LaCrosse Insulated Burly Classic Knee Boot, Green boots with ankle fit for better support.  They won't rub your heel or work your socks down. These boots are a slightly hard to get off and on, they're a lightweight rubber clad  neoprene and very comfortable.  Fiberglass shank for firm arch support.  Removable full cushion insole  These boots have a rubber-clad lightweight foam insulation to keep your feet warm and comfortable.  
Chap Style, Price, Insulated Burly Knee Boot
LaCrosse 4X Alpha - 738-000 Natural rubber over insulating neoprene.Superior waterproof protection.  4layer quad core technology.  Ankle fit design.  adjustable back gussett and strap.  Removable PU footbed and protective shin guard.  4X Burly outsole offers outstanding traction.  Realtree Xtra Green camo pattern.
Chap Style Price LaCrosse 4X Alpha
Sizes Alpha MudLite

LaCrosse aerohead Sport Snake Boot Flexible snake guard material for comfortable protection.  Moisture wicking & quick drying jersey lining, non-insulated, comfort range 0F to 70F

745 Aerohead Snake Protector boot w/ snake protector chaps

Quatro Boots Non-insulated

Quatro Boots Non-insulated